Measured Building Survey

With our experience and state-of-the-art technology equipment, we are able to save your time and work-power by producing the right solution for your needs. Contact us to get an offer.

Send us an e-mail to arrange a site visit to have your property measured.

We capture everything by using 3D Laser Scanner in one site visit.

Receive your CAD drawings, PDFs, 360° Photos and Point Cloud data.

Our service is affordable for internal design, refurbishment and building repurposing projects, meaning we can provide our services for architects, interior designers, construction professionals and contractors for every type and size of property. 

  • Floor Plan
  • Section
  • Elevation
  • 360° Panoramic Photo
  • Laser Scan (Point Cloud Data)

Advantages of our services


Even in complex and large structures, maximum data is obtained in a short time.

Maximum Data

All visible bearings, architectural and installation elements are measured.


The collected data consists of millions of measured points with a deviation accuracy of <6mm at 10m.


In the shortest possible time, you will benefit financially through maximum error-free data.


All measured structural elements are recorded with 3D position and dimension information.


Point Cloud backed by 360 degree photos and laser scan data -
both producing an excellent archive for you.

state-of-the-art technology equipment

What is a measured buildings survey used for?

In variety of forms, a measured building survey can be used for a large number of different applications including;

  • Interior design, refurbishment or building re-purposing
  • Repair and maintenance
  • As built projects
  • Quantity surveying and estimating
  • Property valuation, subletting and rate-able value purposes
  • Heritage and insurance recording
  • And more...

What can we survey?

Along with the ability to measure almost all types of buildings, we regularly survey;

  • Offices, shops and stores
  • Houses, apartments and flats
  • Leisure facilities, restaurants
  • Health care and hospitals
  • Educational buildings, schools, colleges and universities
  • Local authority buildings
  • Agricultural buildings, Farms
  • Industrial buildings, factories and warehouses
  • Religious buildings
  • And more...

3D Building Survey Ltd

Our 3D Building Survey Company Ltd, established in 2018, serves architects, interior designers, construction professionals and contractors in Greater London.

Architectural background allows us to better understand the needs of our customers and offer professional solutions. For more information please contact us –

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